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David J. Kelly

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 Moot House • The Stow • Harlow • Essex • CM20 3AG

07534 900467

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Couples Counselling

Often this results in a breakdown in communication, leaving one or both partners feeling alone within the relationship.

Weekly couples counselling provides a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space to explore the difficulties that partners are facing.  I listen to both parties without taking sides, facilitating a process encouraging both partners to communicate and express themselves. This can help couples listen and communicate with each other in new ways. Often better communication brings helpful changes in the relationship.

Helping you understand how you may get stuck in familiar negative patterns, you will be encouraged to slow down your interactions in conflict situations.  This allows more space to understand how you both get triggered and to make sense of what you are feeling at the time.

I have undertaken extensive advanced specialist training and qualification in Couples Counselling (Relationship Counselling).

Couples counselling fees are £65 per hourly session.

To make an appointment please call the telephone number above.  My answer-phone is secure and confidential.

Couples counselling is not the same as individual counselling, so therefore, I have undertaken additional advanced specialist training in working with couples.  

I work with all couples regardless of their backgrounds, marital status or sexual orientation.

Many people want to have a satisfying relationship with a partner so it stands to reason that they can be confused, disappointed, hurt and angry when things go wrong.

(Also known as Relationship Counselling)