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David J. Kelly

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 Moot House • The Stow • Harlow • Essex • CM20 3AG

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Couples Counselling

Before you start with couples counselling, it is important you know that I work with ‘The Developmental Model’.

Although that phrase may not mean much to you currently, it reveals how the influences of childhood can enhance or inhibit an individual’s ability to progress through the normal stages of growth and change that characterise adult relationships. Therefore, it means that as well as looking at the couple’s current behaviour and experiences, it also involves looking in depth at younger/childhood issues with the couple concerned to explore how these may be affecting their part in a relationship.   

To work with this model, it is crucial that both partners in the couple have a reasonable understanding of their own emotional issues.  

Therefore, PLEASE NOTE:   I only offer couples/relationship counselling to those who have already previously undertaken individual counselling themselves.


As couples counselling is very different to individual therapy, the first three sessions are an extended assessment.  This means the three of us have enough time to establish if this model of couple’s therapy will be appropriate and helpful.

Couples counselling fees are £65 per hourly session,  with a minimum commitment of 12 weekly sessions.

To discus further please call the telephone number above.  My answer-phone is secure and confidential.

Couples counselling is not the same as individual counselling, so therefore, I have undertaken additional advanced specialist training and qualification in working with couples.  

I work with couples regardless of their backgrounds, marital status or sexual orientation.

Many people want to have a satisfying relationship with a partner so it stands to reason that they can be confused, disappointed, hurt and angry when things go wrong.

(Also known as Relationship Counselling)